Rockingham Remembered
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Mike Coble Shares His  


Let me say that I have enjoyed going to the Rockingham Remembered
site and reliving the past.  Words cannot express the excitement it gives
me to read others memories of the Rockingham we grew up in and loved
so much.

I know all the people in that picture(
he is referring to this photo, 1953
Photo of PDPH Church) but just want to mention Rev. J. R. McNeil.  He
is still alive and living in the Charleston, SC area. Our conference plans
to give him special recognition this summer during campmeeting.  He has
been retired many years now but still attends campmeeting every year.

He means so much to my family.  While he was pastor at Pee Dee
my Mother and Father were both saved.  Also my sisters, Brenda and
Pat, and my brother Paul and myself were all saved.  Rev. McNeil calls me one
of his "Preacher Boys" because I was saved under his ministry.  He was
the pastor, but we were in revival with a lady preacher, Lula Mae Putnam.
She was in the conference until she died.  Do you remember her?  She was a
converted lady wrestler who accepted the Call to preach.

That church is very small now but I remember when it was full.  Remember
the Boy's Club we had that would play the Cordova PH Church in
baseball.  I remember going to your home when I was a small boy.
Your father was a GOOD man and your mother stands out in my
mind after over 50 years AS VERY SWEET  AND LOVELY LADY.

I realize that many do not respond to your site but I felt lead to share a
few words with you.  I know some the names of the 1954 picture.
My family has pictures of the flood at Pee Dee when the dam busted.
We have other pictures we could share.  I will get with my sister, Pat,
and send some to you.

God bless you for helping some older folks remember and feel good
in their hearts about life in Rockinghan and especially on the mill village
of Pee Dee.

Have A Great Day,
Mike Coble