I have created this new section for viewers mostly but I will add items from time
to time. If you have any one or two line memories of people or places you
remember in Rockingham or Richmond County that you would like to insert, please
send them to:
guestsremember@rockinghamremembered.com. They will be added
as soon as I get the notification. I would like to keep this page as one liners or
not much more than one line, if possible. One of my viewers suggested this idea,
so here goes...060205
(please excuse any duplications as it is just too hard to
make sure there are none)

I found your web page 6 years ago or more.

What captured me was the song that plays.

It chokes me up.

I remember, not the same location but the same feelings.

Family, friends, memories, Most -  almost all have gone away.

For me it’s an ache, a longing for times long gone.  

Not the events or places, just the love and friendships.

People were kinder, gentler and life was not so rushed.

I remember when we used to sleep with the door open and just a screen door
between us and the world.

Never locked the door,  What for?

The world is in such a hurry to move into the future. It has forgotten what
makes life valuable.

For that matter some have never known.

Not sure why I’m writing,  I guess I’m hoping someone else remembers and
values (Family Values) Just the term now has a negative effect on some.

Thank you again for the Web page and the song.
Leon McElrea 08-03-12.

The march from the old Grammer School to the new LJ Bell School (1951)
Separate playgrounds at the old Grammer School
Going to the health department to get a polio vaccine  (on a sugar cube)
Donnie Watkins. Head custodian and maintenance man for Rockingham City
Troop 149 at the Methodest church Billy Capps scout master.
Camping the day Hazel came through and seeing a tent fly in the air and land
in a lake.
Going barefoot all summer.
Butch, the schoolhouse dog at LJ bell - ate Ken Smith's sock
Going to Maxton NG Armory on Saturday night to the dances
JC Mulkey and his dedication and inspiration to students
Mr. White's store on Foushee St.
The rail road tracks behind the high school
Carrying a gun to the cemetery and shooting mistletoe out of the oak trees.
The Civil Air Patrol that met behind Sydney's Grill to look for planes...
Huneycutt 090911.

8th grade (NC history) teacher Miss Sarah C. Rice and her sometimes blue
hair, Boy Scout Troop and Post 74 led by the late Billy Capps and the concrete
block scout hut in the woods behind Kate Finley Auditorium at RHS, Boy Scout
Troop 64 at the Presbyterian Church, Camping by Cartledge Creek out in River
Hills, Finding liquor stills in the woods out there (back in the days when
moonshine was the crime du jour), The contract Trailways bus route from
Rockingham to Durham via Aberdeen, Sanford, Bynum, Chapel Hill
(the driver lived and parked the bus at Roberdel and it put out lots of black
exhaust from the fuel it burned), Senior plays at RHS, Band Directors Theo
Smith, Harold Grant, and Don Adcock, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade class trips on a
bus to Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Meeting an oncoming tractor-
trailer truck on the old, narrow bridge over the Pee Dee River, Exploring the
thick woods growing behind L.J. Bell school where the Pee Dee Mill Pond was
located, Jefferson Apartments at the intersection of Steel and Ann Streets,
Midnight "horror" movies at the Richmond Theater and the free tickets if you
stayed to the end (ha!), "Gone with the Wind" playing at the Richmond and
Clark Gabel's line: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!", Reciting memory
passages to Miss Kay Crosland in 12th grade English while she corrected
themes and term papers, Dr. Gandy's wife demonstrating the evil and danger
of drinking alcohol at the Baptist Church by dropping a raw egg into some
moonshine, Visiting the Seaboard Air Line yard in Hamlet to see the long lines
of steam locomotives waiting to be cut up and scrapped, Listening to the test
broadcasts of WKDX in Hamlet, Radio stations signing off at 11 PM with the
playing of the national anthem, Bug collections in sophomore biology, Science
fair projects that were more demonstration than research, Buying bags of
apples off a truck parked across from the old A&P in the parking lot where the
old school once stood, Mailing overnight letters to Charlotte by handing them
to postal workers in the mail car when the train stopped at the station off
Caroline St., Eating lunch at Miss Lucy Shore's Boarding House ... 50 cents for
family style all you could eat - One time, she got a "C" rating, mainly because
she still had a wood stove in her kitchen, Listening to Cuban radio stations on
car radios while driving around at night.  Sometimes you could get "ZedNS" in
Nassau and XERF in Mexico, The 1956 ROCKET being delivered and distributed
with the wrong cover--had to be collected and sent back to change it, American
History with Dr. Lois Eddinger on WUNC-TV the first year of state-wide
instructional TV...
John Paschal 073109

One thing that was stressed by Miss Buie (later Mrs. Black), Mrs. Gore, Mrs.
Huneycutt and Miss Tomlinson at good old L.J. Bell Elementary was spelling. It
is not "pedycoat", it is petticoat.  We also watched Andy Griffith on TV...
Singleton 062408

The Open Air Market in Ellerbe in the 50's ran by my aunt and uncle...
Claudia Hall Bunting
Albemarle, NC 063008

"Freeze Tag"...
"Roller Bat"...
"Drop the Handkerchief"...
"Bonanza" on Sunday night...
"Kilgo's Kanteen" on Saturday morning... AFTER "Roy Rogers"...
"Joey The Clown"...
The BIG shock you got if you "took a swig" from the hose that had been laying
out in the sun...
Waxing down your sliding board (with wax paper) so you could go REAL fast...
Passing the ice cream freezer from person to person, cranking until your arm
was SO tired... but the "payoff" was SO worth it!..
Tina Benson Skenes 060308

“Don’t play in that mud puddle—you’ll get ringworm!”
“Hooka Tooka My Soda Cracker”
“Thrill Hill”
5-cent candy bars
Big cardboard cutout of Fess Parker as Davy Crockett at The Strand
Stringing chinaberries (“chaney-balls”)
Dippity-Do & using juice cans for hair rollers
Dress-shields, “Pucker Panties,” stockings & garters
Drinking from the garden hose
Fried fatback
Going to Laurinburg to see “Spaghetti”
Home perms, plastic headbands, wiglets
Ironing daddy’s handkerchiefs on a wooden ironing board
Mary Belle’s Beauty Shop
Mother canning vegetables/making jams, jellies, pickles, & preserves
Plaid dresses, $2 sneakers from Collins Dept. Store
Charm bracelets
Somebody putting detergent in the fountain at the bank
Staying in the theatre to see the same movie 2 or 3 times
The Coachman
The Limbo
Wringer washers, pants stretchers, clothespin bags, tin washtubs
English Leather (Ken Smith’s favorite)
“Call for the doctor, call for the nurse, call for the lady with the alligator
Pat Covington 041008

Eating at Miss Lucy's boarding house...Linda Lancaster 031608

I remember going to Crackers and seeing Nantucket play, seems like twice a
year..Then those bands from Charlotte like "Stratus", "Burnt Orange" etc..It
seemed all of Marlboro County went over there back in the day.. I remember
Eastern Seaboard playing everywhere..if anybody remembers the "New
Release" club in Bennettsville. I know Vernon was singing then. Those were
some good ole times..And they were a super cover band...
Steve Akers 022208

I remember during the 60's seeing the Hamlet Drive In on Battley Diary Road.  
New homes are there now. About 1/4 mile just past city limits.   Also the " ZIP"
drink at Tom and Sarahs.  It was a mix of Dr pepper, coke, 7up & cheerwine.  
There were 2 drive inns. One on hwy 74 and one near the  "airport".
How about the TV show with the "Gentleman" Gun Fighter - "Have
Gun - Will Travel"  wire Paladin.
One of the remembrances listed is the Black and Orange of old RHS.  I can
remember when the Rockingham High colors were black and gold, a truly
awesome color combination.  Why change, then?
Believe it or not, orange replaced gold because gold crepe paper was too
difficult to find!  We students were not consulted, of course.  We were not
happy campers but life isn`t always fair...
Harry Singleton, Class of 1963

RC & Moon pies
The Goat Man, especially the time he followed Santa Claus in the Christmas
Parade, receiving more cheers & applause than Santa, 1955/56?
Dixie Auto Esso Station, between W&H Clothing Co. and Belk's in the heart of
downtown Rockingham
Stringing Christmas lights
Playing Christmas music and baking cookies and goodies to share
Sending and receiving Christmas cards
Snow-flocked Christmas trees
Silver tinsel
Christmas caroling
Christmas hayrides
Christmas carriage rides
Stringing popcorn on the Christmas tree
Riding around looking at the Christmas lights
Snow-Flocked Christmas trees
The smells of Christmas, sugar cookies, roasted peanuts, Christmas trees, ham,
turkey, dressing and homemade pies and cakes
Remember when gasoline didn’t cost an arm and a leg
Trick or treating door to door in the neighborhood
Frank and Virginia McDonald, (my parents)  Jane Moss-The Queen
Johnny Macker's CLUB MARQUIS (off hwy 220 N.)
Show Bands at Nat. Guard Armory (Martha & The Vandellas,etc.)
Putt-putt course on County Home Rd
Drive-in movie theater in Rockingham
Christmas Parade in downtown Rockingham
Swimming in the Hamlet City Lake
Little League baseball teams
Chief Deputy Earl Dunn
3rd Ave in Pee Dee
Short Street in Pee Dee
"Doodle bug, doodle bug, come out tonight, your house is on fire"
The Tailored Shop
Lupeg's Shoe Salon
Whitewashing something
Remember the ghost story of Lucille, told around the campfires, at Camp Dick
Henning,  Ellerbe, NC. Circa 1959-1962
Can anyone remember the story and write about it?
Looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Looking for the Milky Way
Gazing at the stars at night; and looking for the big dipper
Transistor radios
Parking under the moonlight
Counting stars
When the fair came to town
Cotton candy
Candied applies
Throwing a soft ball
Playing basketball
Football games
Cheering for the home team
Learning to type (home row)
Spelling bees
Climbing trees
Catching butterflies
Lighting bugs in a jar
Finding arrow heads
Making mud pies
Splashing through mud puddles
Pen pals
Secret pals
Bus rides
Summer camp
Vacation Bible School
The Seafood Center intersection of East Washington and Lawrence Streets  
(telephone:  TW5-6353)
Journal Stationary Store
Tultex Yarns
The Rockingham Post Dispatch
The News Messenger
Tyler Foods- Munchi’s
Hobby House
Hicks Auto Parts
Archie’s Ace Hardware
Archie’s Red and White
Copper Kettle Restaurant
Miss Lucy’s boarding house
Matchbox cars
Collecting postcards
Collecting baseball cards
Paint by number
Finger painting
Coloring books
Big crayons
Big pencils
Big erasers
Coloring a page in your Giant coloring book
Praying in school
Puttin up tobacco
Tobacco barns
Pickin cotton
Pickin blackberries
Makin jam
A dime a dozen
Shelling a bushel of peas or butter beans to freeze
Penny candy
Wish upon a star
Counting sheep at night to get to sleep
Merry go rounds
Hobby horses
Red wagons
Tea parties
Monopoly:  Get out of jail free card
Juke box
Rolled up t shirt sleeves
Black leather jackets
Hopalong Cassidy
Davy Crockett coon skin hats
Silly putty
Pill box hats
Mini skirts
Go go boots
Peace signs
Happy faces
Betsy McCall Paper Dolls
Poodle skirts
Hall monitors
Hall passes
Passing notes at school
When school let out for the summer
Learning to dance
Learning to whistle
Beach music
David Ariail, director for Richmond Community Theatre from 1977-2007
Fresh sliced tomatoes
Lemonade stands
Lime sherbet and ginger Ale floats
Sliced Watermelon
Homemade churned ice cream
The Prom
Water skiing at the River
Sloppy Joes
TV dinners
Making kool-aid popcycles
Candy cigarettes
Fuzzy face game
Watching "Dick Clark's American Bandstand" every afternoon
Training wheels
Walking the RR tracks
Sunday dinners consisting of Homemade biscuits, fried chicken, ham, deviled
eggs, potato salad, green beans
Learner's permit
Sharing a drink with two straws
Alpaca sweaters
Webbs Fish camp
Out for the summer
Vacation Bible school
Paper airplanes
Paper dolls
Lettered sweaters
Black and white oxfords
Mom ordering clothes from Sears catalog
Seersucker pants
Madras pants
Potato sticks
Pick up sticks
Nutty Buddys
Blowing bubbles
Bubble Baths
Lassiter's Barbeque
Coal pile stacked in the backyard for the family coal-burning heater
Penny candy
Economy Auto
Richard Preslar, former Office Manager CSX Railroad
Elton Cook & George Cockman,  former Terminal Superintendents Hamlet
Yard, CSX Railroad
"I Remember Hamlet" by Russ Lancaster
Sheriff RW Goodman
Remember when downtown Rockingham had 3 movie theatres: Richmond
Theatre, The Strand (now Community Theatre) and the Little Theatre. Now we
can't even get one.
Teen Age Club dances on Saturday nights
Deputy Sheriff Jack Heeney
Cedar Hill Dairy
Circus on vacant lot below Gulf Stream Service Station
Scout Jamborees at Ellerbe Springs
Swimming at Boyd's Lake
It was so hot during midsummer that I would sit up in my window in my
skivvies and listen to the trucks making the shortcut from Hwy 220 to Hwy 74,
right by where Beverly Hills Church is now, hoping for a little breeze and
listening to the blues on a station out of Nashville.
Flying june bugs on a string
Drawing on the pavement with rocks
Playing snail hopscotch on the pavement
Cannon's Grocery Store on Airport Road
"Parking" on a date at the Rockingham ballpark
Camping out at the Pee Dee River
Having Sunday dinner almost done before church on Sunday morning
Visiting family on Sunday afternoons
Buying a new dress for Easter
The Easter Bunny bringing a Easter basket on Easter Sunday morning
Women and girls wearing hats and gloves to church on Easter Sunday
Hiding Easter eggs
French Fries with gravy at Tom and Sarah's
Being able to buy gas for your car on certain days of the week
4th of July fireworks at Hamlet Lake
Hanging out at the OK Bowling Alley
Having to be home at 11:00pm after a date
Not being able to "car date" until the age of 16
Having the Christmas play at church on Christmas Eve
Getting a bag of fruit, candy and nuts at church for the Christmas holidays
Respecting our elders by saying "Yes mam, yes sir , no mam, no sir"
Getting an allowance of 50 censt a week for doing chores around the house
Not being able to go trick or treating one year except in your neighborhood
Making the drink "pj" at parties
Rockingham’s Bucky Covington and his new single “ A Different World”
Taking coke bottles to get into the movies free on Saturday
Buying a hot dog at the bus station uptown
Going to the radio station uptown, WAYN
No shopping centers
Going Christmas Shopping a week before Christmas
Riding down old Ellerbe Rd right out of Five Points and seeing old Santa in the
boat fishing in the pond at Homer Benoist's house at Christmastime
Better watch out, better not cry, better not pout…I’m telling you why….
Santa Claus is coming to town
When Pam Dillman made county history…with the highest majority of votes in
the County Commission general election race, she will become the first elected
female commissioner Nov 7 2006!
Potato chip sandwiches
Collard sandwiches
When fresh milk and eggs were delivered to your house
Playing baseball in the summertime in the backyard
Those 6-layer half Chocolate cakes that Merita used to sell
Spanish Bar Cake
Churning homemade ice-cream
Little bity Coke bottles of colored water made of wax
Mayonaise sandwiches
Mayonaise & jelly sandwiches
Chocolate milk
Fried bologna & tomato sandwiches
Putting clothespins with cardboard attached on your bike's spokes to make it
sound like a motorcycle
Skateboarding down the hill at LJ Bell
Dipping your toast in your coffee or putting the toast on a saucer and pouring
your coffee over it
Roasting marshmallows over a campfire
A good 'ole homemade pecan pie
Chocolate covered peanuts
Sugar babies
Candy corn
Wax lips
BB Bats
Wax bottles
Sky bars
Candy cigarettes
Sugar Daddy
Potato sticks
Box of chocolate covered almonds at the show
Candied apples
Cotton candy
Popcorn and peanuts
Taking clothes home on approval
Leisure suits
Kilgos Canteen
Paper routes
Pajamas parties, staying up til dawn
Penny loafers
Lettered sweaters
The Prom
Penny Candy
Saddle shoes
Fran and Ollie
Dick Clark’s American Band Stand
Pillow fights
Your first haircut
Pall Mall
Lucky Strike
Old Gold
Go go boots
Monogrammed sweaters
Wearing your boyfriend's high school ring
Trick or treating at Halloween
Fall festivals at school
Apple bobbing
Double your pleasure with Doublemint chewing gum
Pennies on the RR track, so the train would smash them flat
Jack o lanterns
Corn mazes
Raking leaves and pinestraw
Canned corn
Listening closely to ghost stories by the open fire, too scared to move, scared
the ghost would appear
Go Fish
Crazy eights
Old Maids
Pick up sticks
Jump Rope
Simons Says
Hide n Seek
Kick ball
Roller bat
The pinball machine
The twist
Electric Slide
Two step
Slow dancing
The Point After
Meter Maids
Fat Boys and Kebo Davis
Clark Equipment
Western Auto
Copper Kettle Restaurant
Plaza Jewelers
First Southern Savings and Loan Association
United Carolina Bank
First Union National Bank
Wickes Lumber
Weddington Motors, Inc
Tultex Mill Outlet
Hicks Auto Parts
Heilig Meyers
NC Motor Speedway
Doyles Flying Service
Corks under bottle caps
The Star on Safie Mill at Christmas
East Rockingham Super Market on Mill Road
Car Dealership on the corner of Hancock and Franklin Street( Former
Employment Security Commission)
Dr. White and Dr. Bristow's office above Fox Drug Store
The Barber Shop that was underground where the bakery is on the Square.
The Greek Restaurant across from Farmers Bank
Jerry Goodman's Shoe Store at the corner of the Journal office
Bobby Goodmans Clothing Store where Fidelity bank is located
Bill Martins Marina where Whitley's Auto Sales is located on Hwy 74
Blueberry Hill
Sears and Western Auto in uptown Rockingham
The wooded acreage between Rockingham and Hamlet
Hot roasted nuts that we bought at the Five & Dime Stores
Rockingham Hardware Beside Farmers Bank before it moved down the hill
Munn's Fish Market on Green Street
The old Moss Brothers  General Store on 74 West
The Courthouse when it was located where the Daily Journal is now
The Rockingham Fire Dept behind Economy Auto and the Barber shop beside it
W & H Clothing Store
The Midget burger and the Zip at Tom & Sarah's
Do you remember Andre' the Giant and his house in Ellerbe?
Great Falls School on Hwy 74 W
'The Chicken Box' in East Rockingham.
Shangri - La Lounge in Hamlet
When the old City Hall was what is now the Police Dept on East Franklin Street
JC & Rotary ball parks where Long Drive Apt's. are at now.
Guy Mullis restaurant at Tanner's shopping center
Tanner's Food Center
The guys from Morrison Training School  that would be at front of Christmas
Parade (All in Step)
Small zoo on highway 74 between R'ham & Hamlet.
Long's Body Shop (Bookie Long could do anything with an automobile)
Boy,I am gonna send you to Stonewall Jackson Training School if you don't
When you went to football games at the old Rockingham Ball Park in
September and it was cold.
Charlie 'Midnight' Moss..Would ride in all of Christmas Parade's on his bicycle
Remember Parker's Meat Center on Long Drive
Oasis Tavern
How many remember a tag game called 1-2-3 Foxin' Dog's Caught
The Colonial Store
The Corner Pool Room
The Jewel Tea Man
The East Rockingham News
Revel's Bar-B-Que
Lassister's Bar-B-Que
Buttercup Ice Cream
The Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen Ice Cream Truck
Watt's Cleaner's
Safie Mill
J.P.Steven's Mill
Beaunit Mill
Aleo Mill
[Steele Mill- Klopman Mill - Burlington Industries]
Ledbetter Mill
Pee Dee Mills - No 1 & No 2
Great Falls Mill
Richmond Yarns
Roberdel Mill
Carolina Paper Mill
Sandhurst Hosiery Mill
Billy Bathgate movie Filmed in Hamlet
Central Taxi
Richmond County Bank
Farmers Bank
McInnis Ford
The Gore Co.
Sedberry Funeral Home, on Fayetteville Rd.
The Jewel Box
Bob's Cleaner's
Donut Diner
Green Stamps
Cox's Army Store
Swails Shoe Shop
Dixie Home before it changed to Winn Dixie
Bowers Cafe
Burger Ranch
Rockingham Gas Co.
Pargas of Rockingham
Bowles Furniture Co.
Dick Taylor's Barber Shop
Alex Sessoms Barber Shop
William's Barber Shop
Bucky Covington Day in Rockingham May 6, 2006
The "dodge hole" swiming pool at Safie Mill
Parker's Bicycle Shop
John's Music Shop beside the Richmond Theater
When all of the mill hills had baseball teams
Bob's Watch Repair in the Western Auto store
Standing on the corner Sunday afternoon at Bristow's Drug Store
The Purity Cafe
Spin the bottle
Cops and robbers
Ruby and John's
The Marcella Theater in East Rockingham?
The Hannah Pickett Theater?
When it was the Richmond County Post Dispatch, owned and edited by "Ike"
Bucky Covington
Carolina Grill - home of the Bucky Burgers in Rockingham
Do you remember freeze tag or 1-2-3 Red light?
How about kick the can???
Don's Meat Center
The old Rockingham dirt race track north of Rockingham.
Remember the Psychedelic Shack, and the Liberation Warehouse?
Miss Ike and Miss McNair's Kindergarden at the Old First  Presbyterian
Church of Rockingham
Miss Sallies on Fayetteville Rd.
When the girl's 9th grade PE class at Rockingham High School went swimming
in the spring
The bug machine
Tas-T-O Donuts
Rockingham Railroad
Rockingham-Hamlet bus line
The bus depot by the courthouse (across the street to the south and later in
front of the courthouse)
Rockets vs Walkertown for the state baseball championship
The Little Theater
The Skyview and Airport Road drive-in theaters
Great Falls lake by the Rockingham Seaboard depot
Piano lessons with Mrs. McDonald
Pee Dee School and Mr. McIntosh
The temporary sawmill by Pee Dee school circa 1950
Bullard's store
Martin's store in honeytown
Five points cotton gin
Five points auto junkyard
Gibbs grocery
Toddyville at RHS
The dam in the woods by the flumes
The flumes
Aleo mill's christmas parties for kids
Morris's electric shop
Hernando's hideaway
Making a wish on a fallen star
High street
Your first kiss
Eating at Mrs.Lucy's
Rockingham Swimming Pool
Rockingham Rockets versus Hamlet Red Rams - classic football rivalries years
Waiting for the bus at an old bus stop - little tin shelters for the schoolkids -
something you don't see any more
Throwing pennies to the line
Playing Travel - By buying Cokes in the bottle and seeing who would pay based
on the distance of the location printed on the bottom of the bottle
Cruising around Rockingham tossing bottles at speed limit signs when you
were a kid
Riding through Richmond Park on Halloween night in the back of a pickup
truck tossing eggs and water balloons
White's Grocery on Fayetteville Road
Waters Cafe
Green Street
Old 220
Tarheel Motor Court
Slot car racing at the old skating rink
Godfathers Pizza
Green Valley Golf owned, operated & ran by the Dankos
Pates Esso in Five Points - before that, Nichols Esso
Three Sisters Store in Richmond Plaza
Making paper airplanes to fly
The ice storm of '69
Holly Farms
Harris Teeter
Winn Dixie
Big Star
The first day of school
Remember when we had a movie theater?
What once was "THE STAND" in Cordova and then it became
Totsie & Ida's Grill--------and most of all "MISS" Totsie!!!!!!
What wonderful memories I cherish growing up in Richmond County!!!
Bill Wallaces
Kays at the Plaza
Skating Rink parties
Remember playing the arcade games at Maplewood?
Remember K-Mart?
Remember Aleo Mill?
Mrs White's Store in East Rockingham
Mickey's Amoco in East Rockingham
Roller skate keys
Full service gas stations
Swinging on the front porch with a glass of lemonade
When it was safe to pick up a hitchhiker
Paper dolls
Riding hobbie horses
Making mud pies
Snow angels
Collard sandwiches
Cracklina cornbread
Pumpkin pie
Little fried apple pies
The Rockets and The Rams
Flying a kite on the first day of March
May pole dances
Inter-tubing at Boyd's Lake
Camping out in the backyard under the stars
Slumber parties (up all night)
4H camp
Horseback riding
When the fair came to town
Gazing at the stars at night and making a wish on a fallen star
Jumping in mud puddles
Big Star
Standing in line at Watkins Station (located where the BK is now in
Rockingham) to get your license tags...everyone got them at the same time
instead of during your birthday month now.
Shooting pool at John's Pool Room
Remember what you were doing when JFK was shot?
Riding over those merciless dirt roads in Hamlet Yard
O-n-e, t-w-o, t-h-r-e-e - copying train orders & spelling them out
Doubling every 8 hours
Working the graveyard shifts
Walking for exercise at CSX Payroll in Jacksonville Fl
Walking the tracks at Tampa CSX RR yard
Walking the tracks at Hamlet CSX RR yard
Going to the Hub in Hamlet
Street dances in Hamlet
Dancing to beach music at Scandels and Fatboys
The barbershop at Black Bottom with Alec Sessioms and Don Todd
McCoys Service Station
Reids Grocery Store
Wilsons Tire Service
Quincys Restaurant
Dockside in Southern Pines
J. Alberts in Southern Pines
The Hanger
The Three Sisters
Slot Car Racing
Skating Rink
Robert & Charles Seago - owners of Seagos Restaurant
Climbing the hill from the pool to the library
Ed Tull Swimming Pool
Rockingham Police Station on the Square
Old Rockingham Ball Park
Johnnys Truck Stop
Bailey Fence Co.
Watson Auto Sales
Santa on the Square in Downtown Rockingham
City Market Downtown
Roses & Woods Downtown
Old Bi-Lo Grocery Store in Richmond Plaza
I Know Everybody Remembers TOM & SARA'S ON SAT. NIGHT.
Freeman's Pool Room and Cafe
Black Bottom
Going Bat Hunting with cane poles in East Rockingham
Walking home from school
DeWitts peach warehouse in Ellerbe
Getting a hair cut at Five Points Barber Shop & listening to John Heavner
Getting around Rockingham with your thumb
When dogs ran free
Curb hopping at Seagos & Tom & Sarahs
Slopping hogs
Going to the Indian Mound
Climbing slate rock hill
The river hills - when they were dirt roads
Picking plums and eating them right off the vine
Hoeing the garden
Using a slingblade
Classic Dick, Jane, and Spot books
Roller skating at the Skating Rink
Sitting in the balcony of the theater
Sunday afternoon rides with your parents
The News Messenger
Journal Stationery Store
Clark Cox
The Seafood Center located intersection of East Washington and Lawrence
Kirsh Bros.Store located on South Lee Street
Hicks Grocery located on South Lee Street
The Rockingham Hotel located on the southeastern corner of Washington and
Hancock Streets
The old Rockingham Post Office Building located on the northeast corner of
Franklin and Hancock Streets
Great Falls Cotton Mill
Rockinghams Farmers Bank
Archies Ace Hardware and Garden Center
JE Haywood, Inc.
Plaza Jewelers
tankers, submarines, pizza burgers, knee-hi burgers, super burgers
Cole Hardware Company
W&H Clothing Company
Kate Finley Auditorium
Goodyear downtown Rockingham
The Richmond Theater
Pick up sticks
Paper church fans
Flying paper airplanes
The Clothe Shoppe (where Hamiltons Seafood is now)
When The Daily Journal was known as Post Dispatch (family owned by Neal
Cadieus parents)
Pill box hats
Do you remember 8th grade school teacher, Mrs. Goodman, she was one of the
best!  Rumor has it she only used a substitute teacher only one day in all her
career.  Very dedicated and still teaching children in Sunday school at FUMC.
Were you there when the worlds largest Walmart  opened in Rockingham?
Sharing a Coke Float
Using  clothes pins to attach cards to the spokes of your bike
Shooting marbles into cigar boxes at LJ Bell (for keeps)
Swimming at the Ballast Pits, Ledbetter Lake, & Indian Lake
tether ball
Hernando's Hideaway
Cotton candy
Mary Janes
Pixie Sticks
Pogo sticks
Ronnie Goodman alias"the Roach"
T.V. Antenna
Pee Dee Oil Co. Inc.
Paper straws
Rufus Morrows Service Station
Rockingham Speedway
66 Station at Five Points
Quality Ford
McInnis Motor Company
Freeman Buick
Richmond County Bank
Traylor Construction Co
Sealtest Milk
L.G. Fox Drug Co.
Bellamy Electric Service
Security Fence Co.
Richmond Co. Freezer Locker Plant
Adams Gulf Station
Munns Coal and Oil Co. Inc.
Rockingham Railroad
McNair Furniture Co.
Joe McLaurin
One Hour Martinizing
Richmond Technical Institute
Richmond Memorial Hospital
Show and tell
Paper dolls
Go carts
Flying a kite
Blowing bubbles
Sandwiches wrapped in wax paper
Roller skating
Jump rope
Hop scotch
Mother May I
Simon Says
Churning homemade ice cream
Coke floats
Sock hops
Staying after school, writing 100 times, I must not talk in class
Riding your bike to school
Taking your lunch in a brown paper bag
Playing marbles
Making paper airplanes
4 H Camp
Eating watermelons
Church homecomings and all that gooooood  food!
When Mothers raised their own children and didn't work
The Twist
Two stepping
Hula hoops
Prayer in school
Longs Department Store
The Haunted House
Apple bobbin
Loafers with copper pennies tucked inside
Bruce Hardins friendly smile, he knew everyones name (the score keeper at all
the games)
Dr. Bill Haltiwanger
Shoe shine
Full service stations
Picnics “ fried chicken, biscuits, and iced tea
Swinging on the front porch
Going barefoot
When Winn Dixie was where the Library is now.
Library seen above Ed Tull Park
Book mobile
Sunday rides
When banks closed on Wed afternoon
When nothing was opened on Sundays
Small cokes in the glass bottles
Police Chief Eddie Martin
Fire Chief Charles Trotter
Sunday buffet at RMH
Sheriff Raymond Goodman
Old Cotton Brokerage Office located on Washington Square
Bus Station located on West Washington Street
Livery Stable located on Franklin Street
Ice Plant in West Rockingham
Kentucky Fried Chicken (now called KFC)
Holly Farms
black and white tv
Orange and Black colors representing Rockingham Rockets
Richmond Academy
Mr. Raider - Charles Brownley
Peach Festival
Ethels Florist
Mayor G.R. Kindley
Councilman, Vet, and Friend to all Ralph Gandy, Jr.
Benny's Deli on Fayetteville Road
Michaels Fish Camp
Brown Derby
When everyone knew everyone
The dance place during my years "Tin Can" located by Ed Tull swimming pool.
Seeing Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs at the National Guard Armory.
The Hub in Hamlet
Cracker Jack toys
Captain Kangaroo
Catching lightning bugs in a jar
Mr. Greenjeans
Roasting marshmallows and wienies on an fashioned coat hanger on a
campfire and telling scary ghost stories
Paddling at school
Simon says; hop scotch, jump rope, jack rocks, marbles
Frog gigging
Skiing at the River
The Boat Landing
Rockingham Rockets
Hamburgers and hotdogs were 5 for $1.00 at the Chicken Box.
Driving around at Tom and Sarahs to see who was hangin out.
orange-aid at Bristow Drug
DJ and The Medicine Dropper
Hallums' Christmas display (Rudolph on the roof)
Santa Claus on the square
Belks downtown, and those vacumn tubes that sent messages.
Scarboroughs Hobby Shop
Balcony in the Richmond Theater
The Strand
Metermaids downtown
Christmas parades
The fire horn
Green Street before revitilazation
Carolina Standard in old location
Luptons Hardware
Roses and Woods downtown Rockingham
City Market downtown Rockingham
Old Bus Station
Russell Bennett Chevrolet in the fork on Fayetteville Rd
Bill Wallace at the Richmond Plaza shopping center
The Ja-Ron Restaurant
The fish market across from Hallum's Furniture
The Ed Tull swimming pool with manager Martha Holt
The ice cream truck with all us kids trailing behind it
The ice storm of 1969
Bills Furniture Barn
Roses Dime Store
Russell Bennett Chevrolet
Archies Red and White
Ethels Flowers and Gifts
Wickes Lumber
Weddington Motors
Whites Poultry
North Carolina Motor Speedway
Hicks Auto Parts
Bess Jarrett Realty
Swinks Grocery on the square
Rockingham before Urban Redevelopment in the 1970s
Clark Equipment
Reids Grocery Store
45 RPM records
Hi fis
LP records
Metal ice cube trays with the lever
Leave It to Beaver
Roller skate keys
Penny loafers
Gold bond stamps and Green stamps
Bobby socks
Bobby pins (used to make pin curls)
Black and white TVs
Santa and his sleigh atop Hallums Furniture during the Christmas season.
Can anybody remember what the little piece of plastic was called that was
used to play a 45 RPM?
Fender skirts
Chrome reverse wheels
Redline tires
Ralph Morse's junk yard
Going to look at the new model cars
Purple and green chicks at Easter time at Woods Dime store.
Lunch counter at Woods
Hamburgers from Lefty's (curb service outside, beer joint
Moony's Place at Five Points
Dynamite's Grocery at Five Points
John Haltom's store at Pee Dee
Seago's Restaurant
Webb's Fish Camp
The Brown Derby
McCoy's Service Station... where the court cases were REALLY
Fallout shelter at the Post Office
The A & P and Mr. Infinger's bowties
Barber shops closed on Wednesday afternoons
Sunday all stores were closed
All the taxi stands
Coleman's Service Station
Playing hide and go seek
Front porch sittin'
The school store
The Bookmobile
Dewitt's Peachpickers bus
Full Service stations
Paper church fans
Back when you didn't have to lock your door, and you
slept with the windows up at night.
Chevrolets that didn't require a key to start
Rockingham Rockets
Do you remember when the prefix telephone number for
Rockingham was called "TW 5" instead of 895?
Orange Bowl Restaurant
Howard Johnsons
Holly Farms
The Cinema
Rockingham Hotel
Cale Yarborough Auto Center
JC Penny Auto Center
The Clothe Shoppe
Kanip's Apartments
The Drive Inn on 74
"One Way Street" -
Palace Barber Shop
Phillips Shoe Store
City Market
The Hub
Collins Dept. Store
Woods and Roses all on one little street!!
Johns Pool Room
Davis Lake
Halloween Carnivals at Pee Dee School
Sears and Roebuck catalogs and Sears downtown Rockingham
Glass bottled drinks
Prizes found  in detergent boxes
Leisure suits
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