Rockingham Remembered
"Lit Out For Gloryland"
written by Irv Long
Harry West is responsible for
sending this information along
on Irv Long's self-published
book and adds the following:

This is an informal publication
of more information than you
would ever want to know about
football back home. One of the
most interesting facts I found in
the book was the captain of the
1924 Rockingham High School
State Champion football team
was Jessie Phifer. 35 years later,
when the Rockets won their next
State Championship, the
co-captain was Pat Phifer,
Jessie's eldest son.

In those days when families were
not as mobile as today, there
were more sons that also played
for Dear Ol' RHS: my Dad was
the quarterback on the '24
Championship team - Harry A.
West, Sr. - I played for Bill
Eutsler from '55-'56; Ammie
Webb (on the cover of the book)
played in 1923; his son Alden
Webb played in the early '60's.
Others - Olen Smith Sr, & Jr.,
Pickett Ellerbe Sr. & Jr.; and, of
course, there must be others that
I am not familiar with."