Rockingham Remembered
Singer/songwriter, performer, choir member, band member, sound man. I
love everything about music of all kinds. From high school and after for 30
years, I have been performing in one way or another, and writing songs for
about as many years for my own pleasure. It is only within the last 5 years
that I have taken my writing seriously.

My first real participation with performing music was in high school. I was a
member of the high school chorus, and a member of an elite singing group
called the 8 O'CLOCKERS. This group came about as a result of some of the
choir members attending a summer workshop on choral music, and upon
returning to school, we had the opportunity to perform these songs for the
rest of the choir members. My music career was about to take off. Music in
high school was my salvation. It was what kept me in school, and it gave me a
purpose.....I LOVED IT.

Because of this opportunity, I developed an interest in education, and
subsequently, after high school and college, became a public school teacher
for 35 years. It was in 2002 that I retired for the second time, and now, I
devote my time to my second career....songwriting.
John Webb and his family lived in our old Five Points neighborhood in Rockingham off of
Cartledge Creek Rd (formerly the Prison Camp Rd). John has retired now, lives in
Rockingham  and has a great talent for songwriting and singing. He writes down to earth
songs about his hometown and experiences he has had during his lifetime. I am sure if you
are one of the baby boomers generation, you will remember the times mentioned in John's
songs. He has even written a song about current day American Idol performer Bucky
Covington's Sweet Tea and Biscuits, beach music and Jacksonville, Fl - a town I lived in
for 8 years. Keep checking this website for more songs that John contributes.  I hope you
enjoy this new addition to
Rockingham Remembered. Joel Bailey 05/01/06
John's songs can be found on or on SongRamp.