Rockingham Remembered
Enjoy these short stories and articles provided by guests from
Rockingham and other towns - and if you have one to add, please send
it to for consideration.
NOTE: Stories and/or photos on this page were forwarded to me by different
guests and were not created by them unless it is so noted. When an
individual's name is attributed to the story, it simply means they were the
ones that forwarded the story to me off the internet. I donot research these
stories to verify their accuracy but if you want to, you may but I will not go
back and add or delete from these stories. These stories are for your viewing
pleasure and are not used for profit or gain.
What An American Is
submitted by Howard Richardson 08-01-05
Are You A North Carolinian?
submitted by Joe Pruitt 08-03-05
Mish-Mash About Getting Older
submitted by Carole Sue Frye 08-05-05
Just How Observant Are You?
submitted by Debbie Epps 08-09-05
What Does Love Mean?
submitted by Carole Sue Frye 08-10-05
Qantas Airlines
submitted by Sandi Bailey 08-11-05
Take  Time To Live
submitted by The Wootens 08-15-05
One Flaw In Women
submitted by Joe Pruitt 08-18-05
Mosquitoe Repellants
submitted by Kathy Warwick 08-18-05
Faith Explained
submitted by Carole Sue Frye 08-27-05
Hold Onto Your Hat
submitted by Carol Norton 08-30-05
Actual Headlines Used
submitted by Joe Pruitt 08-30-05
I Don't Understand
submitted by Howard Richardson 08-30-05
How Things Have Changed
submitted by Bonnie Webb Campbell 09-08-05
Summer Camp
submitted by Carole Sue Frye 09-08-05
New ATM Procedures
submitted by Carol Norton 09-12-05
You're In Redneck Country When...
submitted by Sandi Bailey 09-13-05
Three Things In Life
submitted by Jim McPhatter & Carole Frye 09-14-05
True Americans
submitted by Carole Frye 09-22-05
God Bless Our Troops!
submitted by Sue Baxley 10-03-05
21 Tips To Good Advice
submitted by Carole Frye 10-03-05
submitted by Carol Norton 10-07-05
The Dart Test
submitted by Jackie Woodcock 10-07-05
The Shoes
submitted by Jo Ann McDougald 10-07-05
A Carrot, An Egg & A Cup of Coffee
submitted by Robert Baxley 10-07-05
The Pickle Jar
submitted by Carole Frye 10-12-05
Breakfast at McDonalds
submitted by Bill Frye 10-14-05
Something To Think About
submitted by Bill Frye 10-14-05
Things To Do To Co-workers On
submitted by Sandra Bailey 10-19-05
America The Beautiful
submitted by Rev Thurston Hill 10-28-05
Facts About The Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier
submitted by Howard Richardson 11-03-05
God Is Good
submitted by Rev Thurston Hill 11-04-05
Directions To Our Father's House
submitted by Loretta Branham 11-15-05
The Bible and The Coal Basket
submitted by Jackie Woodcock 11-15-05
Good Ole Christian Sayings
submitted by Debbie Epps 11-16-05
My Very Best
submitted by Rev Thurston Hill 11-16-05
The Meanest Mother
submitted by Lorretta Branham 11-21-05
Tale Of Two Horses
submitted by Bonnie Webb Campbell 11-21-05
God Lives Under The Bed
submitted by Loretta Branham 11-30-05
Explanation Of God
submitted by Carole Frye 12-08-05
I Am Thankful
submitted by Tony Edwards 12-08-05
Before U
submitted by Rev Thurston Hill 12-23-05
White Lie Church Cake
submitted by Carole Frye 01-10-06
George Carlin's Views On Aging
submitted by Robert & Sue Baxley 01-18-06
Philosophy For The Sarcastic
submitted by Joe Pruitt 01-19-06
Why, Why, Why?
submitted by Shannon Bailey 01-24-06
Things We All Need To Know
submitted by Marion Craddock 02-14-06
What I've Learned From Noah's Ark
submitted by Joe Pruitt 02-15-06
Did You Know That?
submitted by Bonnie Campbell 02-15-06
Where Do Pets Come From?
submitted by Joe Pruitt 03-01-06
Maxine Funnies
submitted by Sandra Bailey 03-06-06
The Little Old Lady
submitted by Sue Baxley 03-07-06
Irish Luck
submitted by Melvin Christopher 03-09-06
You Know You Are Living In 2006
submitted by Sue Baxley 03-21-06
Just As I Am - A Billy Graham Story
submitted by Cheryl Parnell 03-21-06
Staying Young
submitted by Marion Craddock 04-07-06
The 'Hind Lick Maneuver'
submitted by Robert & Sue Baxley 04-07-06
Stroke Signs
submitted by Carole Frye 06-12-06
The Year Is 1906
submitted by Jim McPhatter 06-13-06
ABCs For The Older Generation
submitted by Bill Dennis 06-14-06
Five Finger Prayer
submitted by Carole Frye 09-01-06
You Are Blessed If...
submitted by Bill Dennis 09-01-06
How to Plant Your Garden
submitted by Carole Frye 10-16-06
The Little White Church
submitted by Bill Dennis 10-16-06
The Day Jesus Comes
submitted by Melvin Christopher 10-16-06
Costume Ideas For Your Dog at
submitted by Carole Frye 10-24-06
How Poor People Live
submitted by Sandra Bailey 10-27-06
Tax Refund Due You?
submitted by Sandi Bailey 11-08-06
Who Jesus Is
submitted by Bonnie Campbell 11-09-06
An Angel Walked The Beat
submitted by Sandra Bailey 12-15-06
The New Alphabet
submitted by Grady Campbell 12-15-06
The Old Paths
submitted by Bill Dennis 01-04-07
The New Benz
submitted by Bob McDonald 01-04-07
The Military
submitted by Bill Dennis 01-23-07
Friday Night At Our House
submitted by Bill Dennis 02-02-07
What Kids Won't Do
submitted by Ray Bryant 02-06-07
A Perfect Mistake
submitted by Bonnie Webb Campbell 02-06-07
Through A Child's Eyes
submitted by Ray Bryant 02-08-07
Hand Art
submitted by Ann (Rohleder) Stephens 02-15-07
Sidewalk Art Continued
submitted by Ann (Rohleder) Stephens 02-15-07
Diary of A Snow Shoveler
submitted by Sandra Bailey 02-16-07
The Clothesline
submitted by Linda Hord 02-16-07
Take My Son
submitted by Darryl & Denise Scheiwe from Australia 02-21-07
Around The Corner
submitted by Darryl & Denise Scheiwe from Australia 02-27-07
Awesome Truck Photos
submitted by Bill Dennis 03-08-07
Mother "Tiger" Of The Year
submitted by Darryl & Denise Scheiwe 03-08-07
submitted by Bill Dennis 03-22-07
Angels - As Described by Kids
submitted by Bill Dennis 04-10-07
Letter From Satan
submitted by Melvin Christopher 04-10-07
Why I Like Retirement
submitted by Ronnie Dennis 04-10-07
Obituary - Common Sense
submitted by Bill Dennis 05-22-07
Don't Put It Off
submitted by Debbie Epps 05-22-07
Military & Aviation Humor
submitted by Bill Dennis 05-22-07
Ponder These Questions
submitted by Joe Pruitt 05-22-07
The "789"
submitted by Bob Dobbins 05-22-07
You Might Be A Redneck If...
submitted by Ann Stephens 06-22-07
Amazing Sculptures
submitted by Ann Stephens 07-05-07
Simple Lessons
submitted by Jim McPhatter 07-14-07
Scotch Tape Photos
submitted by Ray Bryant 07-19-07
The Three Little Pigs
submitted by Joe Pruitt 07-19-07
Boy, Do I Remember
submitted by Carole Frye 07-31-07
Bible Stories by Kids
submitted by Debbie Epps 08-15-07
Daily Rules From God
submitted by Darryl Scheiwe 09-06-07
Words From Tweety
submitted by Ronnie Dennis 09-20-07
The Dam
submitted by Bill Dennis 09-25-07
submitted by Darryl Scheiwe 10-02-07
Burma Shave Signs
submitted by Bill Dennis 10-03-07
One In A Billion
submitted by Henry Pryce 10-24-07
Thanks To Our Soldiers
submitted by Darryl Scheiwe 11-07-07
The Flour Sack
submitted by Bill Dennis 11-16-07
Women vs. Men
submitted by Sandra Bailey 11-20-07
One of God's Children
submitted by Darryl Scheiwe 12-10-07
submitted by Darryl Scheiwe 01-14-08
Washington's Death
World Book Encyclopedia 01-15-08
George Washington -
written in 1931 by the U.S. George Washington Bicentennial Commission
Things You Don't Hear Anymore
submitted by Bob McDonald 01-16-08
More Great Memories
submitted by Bill Dennis 01-18-08
Ah - The Golden Years
submitted by Bill Dennis 03-03-08
Thanks For The Memories, Bob
submitted by Bill Dennis 04-07-08
Puppy Sighs
submitted by Carole Frye 04-15-08
Old Gas Stations
submitted by Robert Dobbins 04-22-08
Woolworths in the 1950s
submitted by Bill Dennis 08-15-08
Daddy's Poem
submitted by Darryl Scheiwe
The Taxi Ride
submitted by Bill Dennis
A Keeper
submitted by Pat Covington
Am I A Fireman Yet?
forwarded by Ruthie Steele
Life In The 1500s
forwarded by Carole Frye
Ramblings of A Retired Mind
forwarded by Bill Dennis
The World's First Flying Hotel
forwarded by Bill Dennis
The Real Meaning of Words
forwarded by Bill Dennis
Rednecks Are The Best Inventors
forwarded by Joe Pruitt